901® Tequila



For a super smooth, triple-distilled premium tequila experience that is a cut above the rest. Every bottle of 100% agave Sauza® 901® is carefully crafted using only the finest blue weber agave. 140 years of tequila-making history and one of the greatest creators of our time come together for a distilling process as unique as the bottle in which it’s served.


As a longtime tequila lover, Justin Timberlake developed a heightened interest in the spirit on a trip to the tequila heartland of Jalisco, Mexico where he was inspired by the craftsmanship that goes into cultivating a fine tequila.

During his visit, Justin was struck with the idea of connecting with his fans by uniting the passion he has for his craft with the art and dedication that goes into every bottle of premium tequila. He set out to tell the story in a way that fully embodies his creative and hardworking, yet easygoing lifestyle. The result is an incredibly smooth premium tequila named for the time when the night gets interesting - 9:01 p.m.

After several years of sharing 901® Tequila with fans as his own personal brand, Justin turned to one of the largest and most storied tequila houses in Mexico – Sauza® Tequila - as a means to reach fans in the broadest way possible. The two icons joined forces to change the way people think about premium tequila with Sauza® 901® - creating a co-branded partnership and a one-of-a-kind spirit.

It’s time to rediscover premium and meet the new standard in tequila – Sauza® 901®.

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The premium agave used to give Sauza® 901® Tequila its distinctive taste arrives at the distillery cleaned, cut and ready to be cooked. Each agave plant, also called a pine, weighs around 65 pounds.


Once it passes our quality controlled screening process, our agave is hand placed into stainless steel ovens and slow-cooked at 230 degrees for 12 hours.


During a 72 hour fermentation process, the temperature and brix level (amount of sugar in the liquid) is closely monitored. Once the brix level reaches 0.5%, the juice is ready to be distilled.


While nearly every other tequila is distilled twice, we insist on triple distilling Sauza® 901®. We also invest more time in our third round; six hours instead of four.


Only after our tequila has been distilled three times does Sauza® 901®’s coal-activated filtration process begin.


Once the filtration process is complete, Sauza® 901® is taken to a staging tank where it awaits its final destiny: bottling.


Sauza® 901® is once again reviewed by our quality control team and also by the Tequila Regulatory Council. Upon passing these inspections (Tasting tequila? Not a bad job.) Sauza® 901® is bottled in clear 750 ml glass bottles.